Applications are in fillable pdf format. Save the form to your computer and fill it out. Save and email it back to or print and send via USPS to the address on the form.

Exhibitor Information

This is our first year for our shows. Now that the first event is under our belt, we have a better understanding of the event space and lots of ideas for the next show! There is great potential in our area and there are a number of complimentary events and activities going on in town and in Iowa at the same time as the shows that should bring in collectors.

Prim Folk Fest shows are juried. We aim to balance the showroom for the best experience for collector and artist alike. If you have questions or different needs for your exhibit space, please contact me at We will work with reasonable requests as long as they enhance the show and fit within the building's guidelines.

We are currently looking at nearby hotels and will post lodging and shuttle information soon.

October Show

Description of the October show on the contracts was written early on in the process. I still plan to have an early buy on Friday evening, but set-up will probably be Friday morning with a Steiff event in the same space in the afternoon. Stand by for final plans. I am trying to make this the best experience possible for the collectors.


We'll have a big social media presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter and will conduct email marketing with our large collector database. Please direct interested collectors to our website and encourage them to sign up for the mailing list. There are links in every email to social media outlets.

As you prepare for the show, please post to your social media followers and let them know about the show and what you will be bringing. I'll be following you and sharing. Please share our posts as well. This is of utmost importance. Nearly all of the people who attended the June show checked Facebook as a source of information on their door prize slip. When we share each other's posts, the news goes a long way. The more photos I have to show, the better. Facebook slideshows get a lot of interaction and I need multiple photos for that.

I have a supply of postcard flyers for the October show now and have sent them home with my June exhibitors. If you need some, please let me know. A personal invitation to collectors is very important. If you sold to someone at the show, please let me know and I can probably provide you with contact information so that you can thank them and invite them to mark their calendars now for October!

Exhibitors Other Than Artists

These shows are limited in size and intended to celebrate the work of folk and teddy bear artists. Generally, only artists exhibiting their original work are allowed at these shows. Only one vendor of bear making supplies will be allowed and one Steiff dealer. At this time, these spots have been filled. Please contact if you have other items you wish to sell.

September 2018

I am currently planning another show for September 2018. I have not signed the contract for the venue yet, but will let you know as soon as I do so you can make plans. I'll have the exhibitor contract up for that as soon as plans are finalized.